In just a few days {!} or weeks I will have our baby son or daughter cuddled in my arms. So exciting!

The control freak in me is hating the fact we have no idea when – but equally I am really enjoying having some time off to relax and unwind before everything happens. It helps that the weather has been AMAZING...and just saying, maternity leave is thebestthingever in terms of peaceful time to do whatever you want*

*definitely no snowboarding or karate though.

I guess it makes sense to reflect on this final chapter now... whilst I have all this time and my brain is totally focused on tasks VS the nagging feeling I should be attending to the baby instead? I'll also do some kind of roundup about the beginning of the end/the birth at some point.

So then.

The final trimester.

Weeks 28 – whenever the baby makes an appearance.

I am 38 weeks now, so fully in the 'it could be any day now' zone. That both excites and terrifies me in equal measure.  

The magical thing about not being down for an induction or section is that you just never know and are therefore simply terrified to travel any further than the local Saino's just in case.

I'm not going to lie, this last stage has been definitely the most challenging. I laugh at my 25 week pregnant self thinking I was in any way big or heavy. "Twins, is it?" said the dickhead key cutting man in Timpson's the other day. I thought about violently swinging my handbag across his smug little face for a few seconds. Shame, I wish I'd come up with something better than a slightly defeated "Er, no, just the one".


Here is what's been happening in my pregnancy bubble since about late February ish...

  • Trying to soldier my way through daily heartburn and reflux pain. I have a rich supply of Gaviscon and Rennies all over the house, in my handbag and in the car. I talked about this joyful side-effect a bit more in my second trimester post
  • Not being able to eat much because er, also, squashed stomach/intestines.
  • Wondering if the old wives' tale about heartburn and hairy babies could be true. Well look at my husband. It's not an impossible eventuality.
  • Feeling a bit daunted about leaving the noise and bustle of work to be at home on my own {for the most part} with a baby and a dog.
  • Forgetting about the size of myself and bumping into other people/doorways/furniture. 
  • Freaking out when the baby didn't move for a day during the Beast from the East.
  • Deciding that we should ring the midwife, who advised we head to the Maternity Assessment Unit at Leicester and get checked out.
  • Crawling along the snow-clogged roads to hospital at a snail's pace – and freaking out that we'd break down en route and all perish in the wilds of Leicestershire.
  • The baby deciding to kick back into action about 20 minutes into the drive. Little sod.
  • Making it to hospital at 10pm and being hooked up to the CTG tracer thingy knowing full well baby was fine now {obviously} but feeling ever so glad to hear that little heartbeat thumping away constantly for 20 minutes. 
  • Going back to hospital two days later for a check up scan just to make sure things were okay. We saw baby's face and watched him or her gulping and swallowing and waving their arms around. 
  • Swollen ankles. Ugh.
  • Wanting very much to hold and cuddle the baby already instead of feeling their limbs stroke my tummy from the inside. 
  • Writing lists. Lists for things yet to purchase. Lists for hospital. Lists for meals to batch cook. Lists for people to thank for baby gifts we've already received. Lists bloody everywhere. Actually I've become addicted to the app because all the notebooks and pieces of paper were driving me nuts.
  • Going to a gig at the O2 in Birmingham and jumping a queue of about 500 people deep to enable me to get in to the venue and find a comfortable seat and view of the stage. There are some perks!
  • My sisters coming to stay and throwing me a little pre-baby gathering. I didn't want a full-on 'baby shower' but the naughty devils all bought/made/acquired us beautiful things, and it was a very special day.
  • Having days at work where I could have easily fallen asleep at 3pm for several hours under my desk.
  • Deciding I would go on maternity leave in week 36, because after that I would certainly be about as useful as a broken photocopier.
  • Getting really bored of my maternity clothes but not wanting to buy any more – until a really kind friend {who had both her babies in late summer} gave me a bag full of lovely tops and big floaty dresses. 
  • Feeling very loved on my last day in the office with lots of kind words, flowers, gifts and warm hugs.
  • Going for our 36 week growth scan and being told that we were all on track for a natural birth {having been told earlier on in pregnancy that may not happen due to my medical history. Huge PHEW}.
  • Enjoying the peace and quiet of being at home with whole days to myself.
  • Teaching myself to knit again so I could make the baby some little hats to wear in hospital.
  • Sewing.
  • Baking cakes.
  • Weeding the garden.
  • Wondering if I am doing too much sometimes, only to discover that the human body is actually quite good at telling you when to stop. HELLO power naps and lie ins.
  • Heading back to hospital with reduced movements at 36 weeks and discovering that of course, baby was having a sleepy day.
  • Missing my work friends. Especially on really quiet uneventful days when the only person I've uttered any words to apart from my husband and the dog is the Amazon delivery man.
  • Wondering what the baby will look like for the millionth time. Will he or she be blonde like me, or dark haired like Mr L? Will baby have his Daddy's beautiful grey-blue eyes? Will they be as stubborn and independent as we both are?
  • Deciding that I should probably stop venturing too far from home.
  • Hoping that my waters don't break whilst I'm popping in to my local Wilko for gardening supplies. Still, maybe free plants for a year if they did?
  • Sowing seeds for winter squashes, pumpkins and courgettes in the glorious sunshine and thinking about the fact they could well be ready to eat in time for the weaning stage.
  • Having the time to binge watch a whole load of Netflix and iPlayer guilt-free. Although TBH I also am getting really bored of watching TV all the time, I'm not very good at sitting still for more than a couple of hours at a time.
  • Thinking about all the things I would like to do when the baby is out – even if they aren't things I can do immediately! Drink wine, touch my toes, go for a run, shave my legs {effectively, rather than just my kneecaps lol}, eat curry, dig the garden, take the dog for a big big walk etc.
  • Starting our weekly antenatal classes – but due to some epically shit administrational errors on their part, missing all of them except one {it was about labour – I'm glad we went and it was very good, but as for the rest – well you don't miss what you don't know right??}
  • Enjoying the panicked reactions of my husband, mum, MIL, sisters etc every time I so much as give them a call. Oh sorry, I'm actually just phoning to de-brief on the Royal Wedding?

I will of course keep you posted as and when our baby arrives. Wish me luck!