Almost a whole year ago I sat down with my mentor at work and told him I was going to start writing a blog in 2017. 

It's taken me all year to get to this point, mainly because I've faffed about with the idea for too long instead of just getting on with it. 

What shall I write about? What do I want to focus on? Should I be specific, or should I just freestyle it?

What shall I call my blog? Shall I go for some quirky description or just my name? Shall I get all branded up or keep things simple?

WHEN am I going to have time to blog? Who the hell is going to read this anyway? 

After much dilly-dallying, I realised that the answer to most of these questions was either: 

Just come the f*ck on Bridget and write something.


Just be yourself and the rest will follow.

Writing a blog has been an ambition of mine for about the last seven years. I've set up and tried blogging about a variety of subjects – including marketing, baking and even weddings and social media. But none of these blogs have really encompassed everything I've wanted to write about.

If it wasn't immediately obvious from my Instagram feed, I love interior design and prettying up things around me. My husband and I bought a 70's house almost a year ago, and are slowly doing it up ourselves around two very hectic full-time jobs. It's exciting to see progress as we work our way through the renovations, so that's something I'll be blogging about too – by popular demand! 

I also really enjoy cooking and baking. I'm constantly reading and pinning ideas, as well as trying out new dishes – and again, I get lots of requests {especially for cakes!} about how things are made. So you can expect a regular recipe or two as well.

As well as a few bits about photography, art, beauty and style I'll also be writing about how I attempt to stay organised and tidy. I'm no Marie Kando but I do love sorting out a mess and having a regular de-clutter. 

I hope you enjoy reading my musings as they unfold, and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you can return for the first {proper} instalment this week.